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Description of a more functional site that can solve more problems. Can be redone from a simple site.

Your company's website is your face on the Internet. This is where your customers will be able to get comprehensive information about your activities. Instead of having to talk long about all the details, you can do it once on the site and give your address.

This will instantly cause trust on the part of the client that you are a serious organization. The site is a very good platform to attract new customers. Your site can be placed in the largest search engine of Google ( and Yandex ( It is completely free and very simple. Over time, your site will occupy a good position in search queries and new customers can find you without any ads that cost not cheap.

1.helps to save customers

If all your customers are on social networks, there is a great risk of losing them. The site will help stop the total loss of customers. Even if the accounts in social networks are blocked, clients will always be able to get access to the site and order. And in the site management system you will always keep in touch with your customers and you will be able to contact them at any time.

2. Promotions and Sales

The site is much easier to organize the sale of goods-customers do not need to write in private messages and send samples of costumes to find out what is available. In the online store, customers will instantly familiarize themselves with the dimension table, choose the desired model, color and delivery method. And you will receive an email with all the information about the order. It is convenient for both buyers and sellers.

Online store is easy to use tools to develop sales that will help increase revenue. For example, you can run stocks, newsletters by email, show items at different angles, automatically recommend additional products, create discounts, promo codes, and more. Separate sections of special conditions for frequent customers, terms of payment and delivery also strongly affect sales. The site is a personal assistant in the shop, which will prompt, advise and accept orders.

3.helps to work with orders

Messages in Messenger can be lost, emails sometimes get into spam or customers will not wait for an answer and buy in another place where responded faster. In the case of an online store, the buyer will receive a letter of your order and wait for your call and confirmation. Messages about new orders from the site will also be sent to you, your manager or your assistant and saved in the site management system. You can view the order history and analyze the sales at any time.

4. Gives access to analytics

Analysis of the results of the work done, advertising campaigns and sales is an important component on the way to success. Thanks to the marketing tools built into the site, you will see what actions and banners are working, where your buyers came from and a lot of other information that will help you increase sales or draw attention to the project. Thus, you will be able to spend your advertising budgets only on those channels that really bring you profit. 

5. Increases the level of service

Your customers can find information at any time-a big plus, but do not limit yourself to this. Working with customers does not stop at the time of sale-he may have questions about the use of the product or he will want to know more about it. This will help you create simple and direct product descriptions, add online support and create a page that answers frequently asked questions. For example, if you are selling jewelry, publish articles with tips and advice on how to care for them, if you are selling food then culinary recipes. Sincere care and desire to help reach the heart of the most strict buyer.

6. Helps Collect feedback

Ask on the feedback page whether your customer is satisfied with the purchase, what his wishes are. This will help to increase loyalty and turn customers into a permanent buyer. And new site visitors will always see customer reviews before they buy.

Website Directory
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Why you need a site-the main reason for its creation

People appreciate the ability to use the network. Because it allows you to do business, learn information, book tickets and hotels, just have fun. The opportunities offered by such resources are unbelievable.

1. Company's face

Presence of own site basically raises image of the company in the eyes of potential clients and partners. If it is not present, the company will be treated not only cautiously, but also not serious! Customers will have a clear impression that the company does not worry about its image and does not follow the trend of time.

The site is the face of any modern company. In addition to the real benefits that can be assessed by benefiting, the site enhances the image of its owner. Even now the company, without its own website and e-mail address, is considered by potential partners and customers as a company, without worrying about its image and not trying to keep up with the times! How do you treat a company that doesn't have a phone, for example? It is possible that your customers also belong to companies that do not have representation on the Internet. It is now difficult to seriously treat a company without a website. Today every serious participant of the market has his own website. No one surprises the fact that almost always in the text of paper and outdoor advertising, advertising on TV channels is not only a product or service, but also his site.

2.24/7 office without restrictions in attracting new customers.

Remember-a few years ago to learn the details of the company to determine what services it offers, you must call or even appear in the office. And only during working hours. The Internet gives freedom.

  • Your company is located in a city (region or country), it is physically impossible to reach a potential audience outside its sphere of influence, but the internet removes territorial boundaries.
  • By creating an international website, you can easily enter the world market.
  • Your organization does not require additional costs to open new offices outside your region.
  • The ability to attract and retain customers is coming to a new level.
  • Thus, the site offers a global reach and allows you to attract new and new customers.

The site is a virtual office 24/7. With the constant increase in the number of Internet users, the number of people who may need information about your company is growing. The site works day and night, all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From any point of the planet you can go and get the necessary information:

  • Contact details;
  • Detailed description of goods and services;
  • Your company address;
  • Phone number, fax;
  • How to Get to Office (warehouse, store) using the site map or Google-Map;
  • Learn about your company's working hours
  • Define delivery and return conditions;
  • Write a letter or order a callback

Having your own web resource, you communicate as much as you want with customers, customers, partners, accept and execute commands, transfer files. You can forget the cost of communicating by phone or sending documents by fax. All this in the distant past.

3. Ability to identify yourself

This is the reason why you need a website. With it you will be able to talk about yourself, give the user all possible information, talk about special advantages in comparison with other companies.

The site is an opportunity to express itself, talk about the company's work, its competitive advantages, goods, services, partnership conditions, etc. by some calculations, companies that do not have at least minimal representation in the Internet, lose up to 25% Customers who found out about the company first hand, trying to find the requisites over the Internet and stumbled upon competing companies or generally abandoned the idea of cooperating with the company because they could not find information on how to contact her. If you don't have a website they will never know about your existence.

4. Sales Growth Tool

The site is a versatile tool of the enterprise that allows to answer most questions of visitors. You can publish information about products (services) and other important information to a partner, vendor, or customer. Also on the site you can place special information that is difficult to convey to the customer in a different way. For example, it is possible to load images and detailed characteristics of the offered samples for the device and to carry out comparative analysis of similar models. If the site consider all the details, provide a feedback form or immediately install a button to order goods/services, the effectiveness of your resources will grow at times!

Points of sale are limited from all parties in opportunities, working time, assortment of products, quantity of processing of requests, etc. The Internet gives you the opportunity to:

  • Work with your target audience in real time;
  • Respond quickly to customer requirements;
  • Help customers choose the best products and make decisions about whether to buy or collaborate;
  • Promptly notify customers of new accounts, discounts, promotions and sales.

All these features lead to one thing – you can sell more using the site than without it.

5. Information component

The site is a unique mass media. It can contain various, regular updates, news, for example, about the life of the company, promotions now, current discounts and special offers. In addition, the site can be equipped with RSS-tape, registration form, from which can be sent information to interested persons.

  • about the latest news;
  • about the held actions;
  • About current discounts, etc.
Council! Create a registration form – The user will receive information about offers that increase your sales.

The site is important for small business as a marketing channel through which it can distribute information, publish ads and special offers. An entrepreneur who believes that the cost of web design and the creation of a good website is expensive, it is necessary to understand that the site is the cheapest and more efficient way for small and medium enterprises.

The marketing advantage of investments invested in the development of a quality site almost always exceeds the expectations of customers.

6. Low cost and effective way of advertising

The site has the lowest cost in the form of advertising. Customers who learn about the company through the site today, on average, is about 25-30%. Each year the number will grow due to the increasing number of people who receive most of the information from the Internet, not from journalism, radio and television. Thus, even with the current number of new customers, the site pays off within a few weeks and in the future only brings a net profit. Have you ever wondered why large companies make currency investments in the development and promotion of their business portals? They already know how it helps business! Here is an example. Renting a poster in a month is roughly equal to the cost of creating your website. But the difference is that the site will work more than a month and many years. Yes, outdoor advertising sees more people, but the real payoff from it-orders or purchases are very small. The site is much higher, because the site carries information directly to the target audience. And the billboard only stands in a relatively crowded place.

Note! The site, in fact, itself is looking for its new customers. Because it's your target audience.
  • The site can be used as a separate advertising platform or as a supplement for large-scale advertising campaigns.
  • There are no restrictions on access to information.
  • The ability to measure the effectiveness of your ads with your site with maximum accuracy.
  • High ROI.

A good site itself finds new customers. As in the store or office, people come to the site for the purpose. These days, when people wandered the streets in search of a suitable store or office, long gone. Paper catalogues and brochures are inconvenient and rare on hand at the right time. Your customers are looking for information on the Internet, but whether there is your site it is up to you.

7. Ability to build effective work 

The site will answer typical customer questions and relieve employees of your company a little from work. Clients can "get" you by phone, fax, mail and email. As a rule, in any business the client asks the same questions, and managers of the companies spend a lot of time and forces on their answers. Perhaps for the complete happiness they simply do not have enough of your site. If you have a Web resource, you have the opportunity to analyze the most frequently asked questions and then publish the answers on the site. Also it is possible to place thematic articles, prices, certificates of manufacturers, testimonials of grateful clients, other documents which will help potential clients to receive all necessary information.

With the help of corporate sites you can attract new customers and support existing ones. In this way, you decide two tasks at once. First of all, you like the customers you work with. Secondly, you are interested in new ones who went to the site for more information.  Having found on the site the information necessary for them and having seen a higher level of service and attention to clients, they, in nine cases from ten, will make a choice in favor of the company.

8. Interaction with Consumers

Be sure to provide a feedback section. This is very useful, allowing your customers to know how effective you are at work, what are your benefits. In addition, the words of other clients cause a high level of trust in the perspective.

In addition, through the site you can conduct surveys, research to help understand what interests your customers.

9. Bonuses in competitive struggle

Your product can be much better than the products of competitors, much cheaper than they offer, you can offer the most advantageous terms and advantageous trade deals. But, if the competition has a site, and you do not have a site, you daily lose potential customers, and your profit is leaking from the hands through your fingers.

Searching for information on the internet has become a habit for most modern people. According to statistics, a minimum of 75% of buyers search the Internet for information about products and reviews about them before they buy. These data completely change the balance of competitive advantages. Just give your customers the opportunity to find you, not the competing company.

In a nutshell

For Small business site is an effective multifunctional tool, with minimal investment funds and attention will necessarily bring profit.
Entrepreneurs interested in the development of the company, attracting new customers and expanding the customer base, increasing sales and financial income, simply can not ignore such advantages.
As experience shows, in fact, for small businesses, the site provides the best cost-benefit ratio. In addition, the Internet resource is often the only trading platform and the only marketing tool.

The essence of the technical task

Your initial task is to convey to the developer the essence of your project. This should begin any technical task for the development of the site.

Describe your project in a free form, tell the developer what you want to get from your new site (or rework already existing) and how it should be seen by the visitor.

Example: "Future Internet-shop of air conditioners will serve as the basic tool for attraction of clients and increase of sales. From most competitors we are distinguished by the availability of our own service center and technical staff trained in Japan. Our visitor and potential client should understand at first sight, that has got on a site of the serious organization, however seriousness should not "press" — we want to impress an open company with which it is easy to work. ".

Such a description will give developers an opportunity to feel what they have to do, and therefore all further description would be perceived through the prism of these sensations and relieve the need for no apparent reason to go into unnecessary and confusing Initial stage details. The above mentioned is especially relevant for designers. 

Name, logo, style and design and their meaning in the technical specification

Tell the developer the name of your site, send a logo and a guide to the use of corporate identity. If the logo and style is not, it is possible you can help the developer, or recommend the right specialists. At a minimum, you should communicate your preferences for the style of the future project. Even if you do not have a clear certainty-you will save a lot of time and yourself and the developer just in a free form outlining their thoughts on how your site should look like.

For example: «We see our site in light colors, without superfluous details, it is possible to use orange color for highlighting of headings and other accents. Links, buttons, navigation-at the discretion of the designer.

Try to explain to the developer in what aspects you want exact fulfillment of the described, and in what give creative freedom. It is necessary for the executor to know how you will react to this or that decision. Be prepared that not all of what you want to get when writing TK in the end will look harmonious. This is not a bad thing, and an experienced developer, as a rule, at the stage of harmonization of TK or first sketches will indicate an error and suggest ways to solve it.

Ideally, you need to describe in detail your vision of the future design, as well as lead in the technical task List of sites (preferably, but not necessarily) thematically close to yours. Provide a list of 5-10 sites with brief descriptions, for example:

  • www. site1 — like the color scheme and the presentation of goods, the size of the fonts are small.
  • www. site2 — perfectly implemented "quick order", everything else is terrible.
  • www. Site3 — is the main competitor, everything is fine, but it cannot be similar.

Do not overload the designer with information, a good designer already "sees" your project, try not to change their wishes, otherwise there is a chance to get confused and confuse the designer, it will lead to a loss of time. The above described minimum will give the developer an opportunity to show the creative potential and to ask to you of the clarifying questions interesting.

Structure and basic functionality of the website or online store

Describe the prospective structure of the future resource. The structure is one of the most informative and important sections in the future technical specification for the development of a website or an online store. The structure is easiest to describe in tree form, in addition, it is quite clear and will give the technical specialist basic information about the upcoming work. For example:

1. About the Company  

1.1 Management

1.2. Vacancies 

2. Catalogue of Goods 

2.1 Microwave Ovens  

2.1.1. Panasonic

2.1.2. Samsung

2.1.3. Daewoo 

2.2 Water Heaters 

2.2.1. Flow Bosh Flow water heater Bosh BX5L Flow water heater Bosh BX10L ... 

2.2.2. Cumulative 

2.2.3. Gas flow 

3. Contact Us 

3.1. Map

Schematic structure:

If you have tasks, sections, or functional elements that cannot be structurally described as a tree, you can draw a diagram or give explanations, for example:

  • The user should be able to order goods both from the list of goods and from the item card.
  • The user should be able to go to the "order basket" from any page of the site.
  • In the catalog pages, in the section "Vacuum Cleaners", as well as in the goods cards under the main list containing models and characteristics should be displayed bags for vacuum cleaners.


  • Be sure to write down everything that can not be seen on the sites close to the subject or can be interpreted ambiguously. All your ideas and know-how are important.
  • Specify the approximate size of the site in pages, for example-10 regular pages with information and 990 pages with a description of products in the product catalog.
  • Do not forget to specify in the technical task and discuss with the developer the strategy of further development, promotion and advertising of your project.
  • Specify how exactly you want to get the finished project, who will install it on the hosting and carry out further technical support.
  • Do you need a website registration for visitors? Why you need it, and what it will be useful to the visitor.
  • Your future online store in the future will deliver goods by mail to any corner of the world? Do not forget to warn about it.
  • Agree who will write and prepare for publication text content of the site, who will fill the site.

Your Contacts

By sending or otherwise submitting a technical task to the developer of the site, do not forget to specify your contact information (at least name, phone, email) and convenient time of communication. This can gain time both in the initial response of the developer and during further discussion of the details.


We hope, that this guide on creation of preliminary technical task we not only will help you without superfluous expenses of time and forces to explain to the executor essence and goals of the future project, but also on a step will approach to successful realization of your idea.

We will be glad to help you, to receive the preliminary technical task created on this manual or the filled brief on creation of a site-its simplified and structured version.

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