Online Services for food-related restaurants or organizations

We offer you a site for automation and management of the process of reservation, data analysis, support of guest bases, sales, attraction of new clients, etc.

Now the site is a web-client, and access to it can be from any device, from any city and country. This is an office where you can view and process new orders online. It stores all information about the customer (name, phone, e-mail), the number of orders and their status, as well as the status of the customer and other benefits.

The restaurant's website is the main tool for attracting visitors on the internet. Social networks, which are popular every year, do not replace the site.

However, a large number of restaurant sites-the extra cost of marketing budget. Its effectiveness is unclear. Many people make a site for it to be or because others have it. We will turn your idea of the sites and make it an effective tool and helper. Only the internet makes it possible to measure everything "exactly in grams": How many visitors come to your site, where these people arrive, what they are interested in.

In Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco 55% of all orders go through websites. 
In the city of Canya (Japan), 96% of orders in local restaurants were made online.
At the moment there are 37 restaurants that can only be accessed through the site. 22 of them are in Asia.
Every day passes 200 000 events in the world that can only be accessed through the site.

Today, the vast majority of restaurants keep records of reservations on paper. In New York, where 60-80 restaurants are set on every square kilometer, almost all objects have automated systems. Guests can book a specific table for certain people, choose the time and date, and the restaurant determines which discounts to offer at certain times depending on the load.


  • Reduce the cost of printing menus
  • Fast and better customer service
  • Quick order process using tablets
  • Get detailed sales Analytics
  • Distinguishes you from the competition
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing rewards to loyal customers
  • Personal loyalty and personalization of data for each guest
  • Increase the average check on each order
  • Increase sales and improve business
  • Optimization of the order process
  • Add a Wow factor to your brand
  • View sales remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Comments and Feedback
  • Improve communication between employees
  • Integration with social networks

Visualize the menu.

Using the interactive e-menu will help your business in two main directions. First, it will enhance the client experience. With crisp HD images, your food products will look more attractive. The E-menu can also show customers what they watched, or indicate more popular dishes this week. 

Reduce the cost of printing a menu.

Unlike traditional menus, the cost can be reduced by reducing the need to reprint the menu when you add promotional items to it. Also, the menu, easy to edit, will allow your café or restaurant to be dynamic in their services. Images, descriptions, price of dishes can be updated online. Descriptions can be presented in different languages. Ability to automatically calculate and update prices. Correcting the consequences of errors and typos, introducing additional images and descriptions, adding new dishes without having to reprint the entire circulation

Full menu on tablets.

The site has no restrictions on suggestions in the menu. The customer will be able to view the photos of the dish in all details, read the comments of those who have tried. 

Reduces staff dependency.

Independent order from the client without the help of the waiter. Automation frees up employee time and reduces labor requirements. 

Increase the accuracy of orders.

When ordering by customers themselves, the likelihood of sending the wrong dish to the client will be almost negligible. Many owners of companies know well, customer satisfaction is one of the most important part of the business. The reputation of your brand is compromised, and automation is a good way to protect yourself.


Guests of the restaurant can evaluate the dishes, work of the staff and the institution in general. In addition, guests have the option to leave a text message on the work of the restaurant, which will be delivered electronically directly to the owner.


Using the E-menu, the restaurant can inform guests about promotions and events. And that's not all we can offer you.

Analyze data in real time for your business.

The site will allow your business to automatically track dishes that are popular during the week. Not only that, your restaurant can also keep track of what time of day a special dish was popular. Such data can help you predict what you need to buy for meals. It will also reduce the amount of waste generated from ingredients that are not used due to lack of demand for some dishes. Thus, in the long term, this automation will maximize your resources by simply purchasing what you need.

Online booking and delivery.

The availability of online booking and self-service/delivery systems will be very effective for you and your customers. The automatic reservation system will allow customers to easily see if there are any available tables.  In addition, a simple online takeaway or shipping order will again reduce the risk of getting the wrong order for your customers and also make the ordering process hassle-free for guests. It will also reduce the amount of manpower needed to work with the phone, which again lowers the total cost.